In this week’s Tips and Tricks, we wanted to share how simple it is to edit and work with Mapsimise data tables and how easy you can edit them once created.

You may know already that you can easily upload data from CSV or Microsoft Excel. Here is a little recap...

Selecting a data table in Mapsimise

Just log in to your Mapsimise account via your unique URL and navigate to the data tables on the left.  Then select one of the data tables you have created.

The table will be displayed, and you can then edit and change the table settings.

Not yet uploaded or created data?

No problem! You can do this quite easily in Mapsimise under the data table area and select the option to upload and select a data file from the menu bar.

The usual windows file explorer will display and you can select your data file.

After selecting your file, all you need to do is map any address fields so that a latitude and longitude can be created.

That’s it!

Your data will be ready for importing and to be linked with a geocode that gives it a location on a map.

You can now go ahead and create a new map and several views using the data you have uploaded.

Remember, we are always here to help with setup, creating your first map and testing out connectors. Just get in touch.

If you missed it

Oops you might have missed last week’s Tips and Tricks. Or you might have only just registered and if so, that's great! We are here to help!

Last weeks Tips and Tricks can be found here.

Ready to get started?

Just log in and follow the quick steps above to load some of your data and get started building some maps.

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