You might well be thinking “what!?” How is a map going to help me deliver education causes and in truth, unless you’re planning on delivering geography or using the map to display economic data the need of using mapping in education could be a little limited.

But when it comes to planning and managing the delivery, finding resources by location, understanding which schools, units or private establishments are interested in having bespoke training then a platform like Mapsimise can help you manage all of these things. But how you might be asking? Well let’s dig a little deeper and investigate how geospatial with data can help you plan and manage resources by location.

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Where are my customers?

A customer does not have to be directly someone who is buying from you but could be a partner or a facilitator for your service offering, this means it is someone you work with.  So, this type of data can be easily displayed on a map, giving you an instant view of all interested parties that you can work with.

What about resources?

In my younger years I loved driving up and down the country to work on individual projects and presentations but as traffic has increased and as I’ve aged, I can’t think of anything worse than driving 100 miles before doing a day’s work.  Maybe your training delivery team are the same so from a time, money and environment perspective it is better to map your resource by location and allocate work by distance.  What becomes more interesting with geospatial planning is that if your team are visiting more than one site per day, then auto routing to plan travel time can also play a large part in driving efficiency for you teams.

Give me an example of what this means?

Recently I had the chance to chat with a provider that offered first aid training to businesses. There were several course offerings. Some were just an hour overview of responsibility, some a half day and another up to 7 hours, so basically a full day.  The challenge the provider had was maximising the amount of time training and minimising the amount of time traveling.  They also wanted a way to be able to sell slots to top up a day’s activity by a given region, so using the business search within Mapsimise enabled them to prospect by region, finding potential customers that could be contacted.

We have all heard the sales pitch “I will be in your area next week” but this is just the modern day of maximising time and effort for your organisation to achieve more through effective time and resource planning.

So what else can Maps help me with?

Geospatial is not only flexible in its offering to your business, but it is very much focused on being a data platform.  Data of any type that can have a location element can be used. You may want to use open data sources that show statistics about population, number of businesses and property or income by a given location.  You might want to use point of interest by location to find suitable hotels to hold events or for your team to stay at on route.

Now let’s consider relationships. By presenting a list of data in a spreadsheet you will not automatically see relationships by location between records.  Most modern database systems tend to only list one type of data at a time. Geospatial systems allow you to build up a view of related data and build a true picture of relationships by location.

These are just a few of the things that a data platform like Mapsimise can help you with.

How to get started with Mapsimise

If you are ready to get started, it's so easy! Start visualising your data on one or more maps by signing up to your own Mapsimise account and get started. Follow the steps below:

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We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.