Well in truth we all did because it’s “British Pie Week”! No, I did not know this was an event until this week either but loving a good pie, we broke out the mixer and started baking! (At home this is, not at Mapsimise HQ) …

So, today’s blog is all about retail and using geospatial solutions to find locations for outlets. Any organisation that offers consumer goods through outlets or through re-sellers will need to identify best locations and share those locations with customers, especially if your product is artisan or niche.

I recently wrote a post about selling noodles but today wanted to dig a little further into real possibilities with mapping technology, location intelligence and geospatial within consumer retail.

We all buy things on a daily basis; we all get attached to brands and our favourite things, and we seek out the shops and retail outlets where you can pick up your favourite coffee or your favourite nibble.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of general shopping. I guess Amazon was invented for people like me but when I get attached to a certain brand or product, I will go out of my way to find out where I can buy it from.

I’m also not one for “happy coincidence shopping”, you know, that time when you see something on the shelf or freezer cabinet that you’ve not seen for a while.  So, being able to search for a favourite product and have its location and outlet details along with stock amount I find a bit of a win, personally.

With geospatial and Mapsimise your retail business can achieve this easily even if you are a small producer.  You can share all your shops or re-seller outlet’s information about stock and products directly via a map. Yes, pies for all as we celebrate “British Pie Week” but it really does not matter what you are selling or where you’re selling it from. The location intelligence provided to your prospects and customers will help them search and find your outlet and your product easily.

What is more, Mapsimise and geospatial tools are not just about sharing data with your customers or re-sellers, but you can plan your deliveries and shipments with auto routing, saving you time and money by getting the right product to the right place when it is required.

So that is probably enough about pies on the back of “Cornish Pasty Week” last week which was another great culinary celebration for pastry lovers everywhere.

But on a more serious note, geospatial and Mapsimise can be used to track and display many different types of data and help you with business analysis and location intelligence, whatever your product may be!

How to get started with Mapsimise

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We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.