Yes, GEOTECH can branch many different sectors and organisational types because we all focus on data, and education is no different.  Education from Primary to University works with and collects data that can be mapped by location.

We recently had the opportunity of working with 3 different customers who provide services in education.

What it meant to course planning

First let’s look at our customers needs when planning cohort intake for certain courses, as a University; they had noticed a high interest in certain courses and lower than expected interest in other courses which had seen a drop off in the past 2 years.

The solution was to map the locations of the last 5 years cohorts and the course they were enrolled to take at the University.

A trend appeared that the courses that had seen a drop off had not been as well marketed to the schools and colleges in given locations as they had in previous years.

So, the drop off in applications that came from once popular areas that produced interest in engineering had not seen the same amount of uptake.  The university team then began to remedy this by finding out why the engagement and relationships had changed for certain higher education colleges.

It is just data, so let’s understand it by location!

We all know, regardless of the type of business or provider you may be, that data helps you make analytical decisions, data using Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence gives you an understanding of where and when, and helps you build trends for analysis, this is the purpose of what we do with Mapsimise.

Managing Resources

Our second customer did something a little different, and focussed on resourcing of teaching staff, their remit was to understand the location for all staff.  They needed to have the ability to filter data by discipline taught.  As a company they provided teaching staff to both schools, colleges, and home learning.

There operations team had all of their data in a popular CRM, but needed tools to visualise by location, and working with Mapsimise helped them meet their needs.

Here is what they said👇

Service providers in the education

Finally, one of our more recent customers was looking to optimise their teams’ activities when managing school and education contracts for cleaning.

They used mapsimise to plot all their contracts, the nearest teams and how they could reduce travel time between sites.  Obviously, this approach can be used with any site implementations it is not just schools, but the data was a subset of the jobs they do on a daily and weekly basis.

In providing education services, location helps with students, pupils and managing resource like teaching staff.  You may also want to map other data for marketing and outreach to gain interest in the courses provided.

All organisations including yours has data with a location element, nearly 80% of all data held can be related to location and now with Mapsimise you can understand the where and the when, visually.

In the video below our CEO explains further

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