This week we wanted to share some tips about drawing shapes and using the drawing tools within Mapsimise and what they can achieve.

Just like a box of pencils you can draw on the map with the drawing tools and filter data or highlight given areas.

“Why would I want to draw all over my map?”

The question you might be asking is “Why would I want to draw all over my map?” Let’s look further at filtering data by location and gaining location intelligence to understand why.  Mapsimise has been designed to analyse data by location, and this might be for Marketing, Sales, Service and Operational data for your business..

Many different types of businesses in many different sectors use Mapsimise and we want to show one example of how a customer benefited from understanding location data.


We recently worked with a vehicle servicing company that offered a home mechanic service through appointments. The qualified mechanics lived in many different regions and the enquiries are passed from the national business operation. Our customer wanted to understand from all the enquiries and the registered mechanics which job should be sent to which member, and enable proximity searching by a given postcode to highlight the nearest mechanic that could respond to a job.

Our drawing tools with Mapsimise can be used in several different ways. You may want to follow a given landmark to see riverside property like in this example. The polyline feature allows you to find data within a given location. The screenshot shows how we drew down the River Thames in London to see data by location within a given distance to the landmark or the point of interest.

Mapsimise has been designed to be flexible to show all your data needs and to enable you and your business to really benefit from understanding data by location.

If you would like to find out more about drawing tools in Mapsimise, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase. If you missed any of our previous Tips and Tricks, you can also find them on our blog.

If you need help getting started, please just contact us or book an online meeting. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

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