We all know that data plays a large part in modern day business. We all have systems that are used by our teams to collect sales, finance, and customer data.

So what is Mapsimise? Mapsimise is a data platform that enables you to visualise your business data by location on map.  A platform that delivers cost effective location intelligence for Sales, Marketing and Service, helping your teams to make better use of what you already have.

Having made investments in your systems like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or SugarCRM, Mapsimise enables you to work with the data you already have but by location.

You can quickly and easily see where your customers are and more importantly where your customers are not.

Search by location and find businesses in a given area through google integration with Google Business Search and Google My Business.

Mapsimise is different as you don’t need to be a geospatial or data scientist to understand it.  Sales and field sales teams can access data and information they need to see.  Your marketing teams can see where customers are in clusters and your service teams and managers can plan active jobs, along with route planning.

In the above video our CEO Alistair is walking through some of the key applications where Mapsimise can be used in your business.

For a long time, business systems have been based on the idea of a relational database, where we all collect information and then search for it one record at a time.  You can achieve this with a spreadsheet or an advanced CRM system, but the reality is most business systems do not cater or help with visualising large amounts of data by location or by type. Many may have external reporting tools, but the reports are usually out of date by the time they have been created and consumed, as it is a snapshot in time.

Analytical tools like Mapsimise allow you to understand data by location and in real time, seeing what is happening right now without data becoming stale or outdated.

Working with Sales

Your sales teams and sales managers can very easily analyse opportunities by sales territory or area, by quotes created, existing customers or potential prospects. In fact, it could be any sales related data that is either connected or uploaded.   Your field sales can use geo tools like Mapsimise to search for and understand what type of businesses exist in an area, especially if they are already visiting other customers.

Using location intelligence in sales can also help search for competitors or similar businesses in a given area.  So, if your teams have had success with one business sector, they could find others in the same sector that might be nearby.

There are many possibilities and when it comes to understanding and making better use of data for sales, location intelligence is just one.  By including data by location and then filtering and charting, your teams can see instantly how opportunities are growing and where interest might be.

Working with Marketing

Marketing today is no longer just about the creative. It is now also about analytics and getting best value for the money invested.  Smart Marketing is about understanding where and which customers engage with what message.

Tools like Mapsimise help with your marketing efforts to understand customers, customer engagement and data that is created.  With the boom in social media there is a huge importance to target with the right messages and with the right audience.

As an example, let’s take social media and an advert campaign.  The first question is who you are are targeting and secondly where?  Social media marketing is great as you can target location, but you already have lots of data so before you start to target those locations with spend, analyse first, see where you have had success with customers and then increase awareness in those areas.  Yes, marketing is getting harder but being smart with the data you have will help.

Working with Service and Engineers

Those on the road leading site visits need to know where they are going and as a business you want them to spend as little time on the road as possible. Being on the road costs you money and jobs aren't getting done.

Location tools like Mapsimise can help you plan out all active jobs, allocate jobs to individuals and manage routes to create efficient working days.  If and when a job gets cancelled on route your planners or service managers need data on hand to replace or find a job that can be completed instead.

Seeing this type of data visually on a map can be of huge benefit as you can see where jobs are and where your teams are in real time (vehicle data needed).

Why Visualise?

There is an old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” and viewing all your data by location is that picture. A list view in a systems or in a spreadsheet is not going to help you see what you want or need to see in real time.  As individuals we naturally absorb more information from visual representation, and this is why we want to introduce you to Mapsimise.

Why Mapsimise?

Mapsimise has been designed for you and your team as a cost effective add-on solution so that you can “maximise” the use of your data or as we’d prefer Mapsimise the use of your data, gaining real additional value from the information you already have.   In turn, helping you get more done with less and to grow your business, achieving more.

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