Surely, I just need to keep making the sales and paying the bills, well you can, but just think about all that data you are collecting, with 80% of it relating to some form of location.

But why do I need to see data location?

Well, it depends on the type of business you are running, if your business is very local to where you are, then there might not be a lot of advantage, unless you have to manage deliveries and appointment setting.  The way we all do business is changing, and 90% of businesses especially those that command an online audience are reaching further afield.

So, understanding your customers, prospects and different types of business by location and where they are, can help with marketing and managing resource along with time.

But how does it help with Marketing?

Understanding where your business has traction and where your customers are, can help you focus your marketing campaigns on given regions, this means your spend on marketing can be reduced as your target area is increased and becomes more focused.

You can also then test different messages by location to see where certain messages gain the most traction.

But we are a Service Company that Books Customer Appointments, how does that help?

Well location makes a huge amount of sense as you will be able to see where your customers are, and plan appointments at a time and location that suits both your representatives and your customer.

As an example at Mapsimise we have customers in Health and in Education that need to plan home and clinical appointments and map distance and location.

But We just own a small shop and do a few deliveries per day, how does it help?

Well, we all want to be more time efficient, and use less fuel and save on resources.  You can map out your deliveries, so they are clustered in the least amount of travel time reducing time on the road cost and time spent.

We recently helped the owner of a flower shop plan their daily deliveries helping them save on journey time, by having a route plan for each day.

But we sell online we are just ecommerce, why bother with maps?

Good question, but again you have all that visitor data, you have all that sales data, and you can very easily get a visual of where your customers are most active.  Again, this can help with both deliveries and marketing, but you will be able to trend location month by month to see which countries and regions perform best, and by using the data on sales performance you quickly get to see where your growth is coming from, via hotspots and clusters using heatmaps.

Further to this you can see which product sales dominate by which area and see the value of spend from customers by region.

But our data is not in a system, it’s just in spreadsheets?

That is not really a problem for Mapsimise, but you might want to take a look at what you have, as we can help you sort it out, and load it so that it is easily accessible for all.

What is more with Mapsimise you can format the data once uploaded to perform advanced filtering for the purpose of type and location, helping your team make better decisions with the data you have.

And this way all your data is accounted for and in one place in a secure cloud platform that you can trust.

But it is just data?

As we all scramble to be more efficient, more productive and do more with less, your data that you have been collecting for years is now deemed a big asset to your business.  I recently had a friend sell his business and all he sold was his database.

Using your data effectively to understand the information about customers about sales about location with additional data can help you focus on closing more sales.  It can help you understand your service needs, and marketing responses while getting a visual on a map that displays all your data by location.

The video below gives you an overview of how Mapsimise can help you to get more from your data.