Understanding sales digitally, and why you need to 👍

Building Sales Territory, Digitally

In this video we show you how

Guess what, one of the most popular requests for using geospatial in a business environment, yes you nailed it, managing a sales territory.

In the world of online and social selling with social media, prospecting has gone digital, everyone is on LinkedIn but as businesses we still need to sell our services.

And it is very easy to do with a solution like Mapsimise.com as you can effectively build-up areas and filter your data

I recently heard a story when participating in on of the new audio events where one of the hosts said “we used to make a list of targets from LinkedIn and then hit the phones” it made me laugh as this is exactly what we used to do as a technology company.  Not only that but we would buy lists of company’s information and then call and email, out of the blue.

We all did it, and so did your marketing teams 👍

Sure, you can still do this but knowing where your sales are coming from, where in the country you customers are gives you a great advantage in targeting sales and targeting your marketing.

I guess it comes down to your approach “spray and pray” is still a thing, you know talk to everyone and anyone, and try and make a sale, or you can take the approach of building a relationship, creating solutions that solving problems with business that you relate to and that have a connection to where your customers are.

Therefore, although now digital, sales territory mapping and identifying sales regions adds a lot of value.

Sure, you can report form your CRM or your finance systems, but having a list or one big number is helping you focus on the needs of your customers by location.

Therefore, we do what we do so you can analyse the key areas of interest, analyse what is happening, when it is happening and where it is happening all in one single view.

Have you ever been in the situation when you are trying to close a new deal and the salesperson did not know that the customer had open support cases, or there was a prospect or customer near by that could be used as a reference, location plays a part in building relationships with customers and prospects, so why not use your data your customer and prospect data to gain that location advantage?

Geospatial in the business environment has for a long time been seen as niche or even bespoke, something that the GIS or data scientist did, but like every technology the time comes when it becomes a commodity, just another technology tool to help your business grow and gain more insight.

This is pretty much the main reason we brought Mapsimise.com to a wider audience, connecting your typical businesses system so that you can easily build insight and sales information reporting by location.

It all began in 2011 when we built our very first marketing mapping tool, and we soon realised the value in the technology we had built. Fast forward to 2020 and our new platform was ready for not only a global audience but an audience in many different sectors of business.

As a software company we have always focused on Sales, Marketing and Service functions as our process background is CRM, and everything we do helps you understand and visualise data around your customer.  More than this you don’t need to be a data scientist or a technology expert as our tools have been designed to help teams in Sales or in Marketing understand and filter data to improve day to day efficiency.

You may be a smaller customer using excel spread sheets, you may be 20 or 30 strong with configured CRM systems, but the data you have is a high value asset and our job is to help you gain more from what you already have.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar CRM or Microsoft Excel you can use your data in real time to understand the location of things (LoT) yes just like the internet of things (IoT) we now have the same for location, can’t beat a good acronym.

You can geofence areas as digital sales territories, or franchise areas and gain the insight on performance of activity though charting and trending what the data is showing you.  You can even build lists by filtering the data and pas these back to you CRM or email sending provider of choice like Dotdigital, MailChimp or SendGrid.

The thing what I’m trying to highlight here is your data can be used in several productive ways, to help your business grow using analytics to understand what you do will help increase activity day by day, improving the way you work and how your teams work, the purpose of your data is not to just sit in a database gathering digital dust.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you realise location intelligence, then just drop me a DM on LinkedIn or book a slot in my diary here

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CEO Mapsimise.com