This week we wanted to share a little bit more about how you can make your data visualisation go out with a bang!

Mapsimise, as you know, is about working with and sharing data, reporting on how data relates to location and how records relate to each other by area.

However, with Mapsimise you can create many views of the same data and then share this with the different members of your team so that they can collaborate and work with the same set of data in different views.

So how do you do this?

Firstly, save your new map as a view from the top file menu [see left].

Once saved, a share button will appear on the top right corner meaning you can either share with other team members by selecting the option “With other users” [see right].

This will then open a screen where you can select one of your active Mapsimise users and setting permissions to either edit or view.

How do I share views with non-Mapsimise users?

On the share button [above] you also have the option for public sharing which means non-users can see and work with the data on display but not edit the map, this is what we call public sharing.

Clicking 'public', you can set the options of what is displayed and either copy a public link to the map or use the embed code to display the map on your website. It’s super easy to share data with your team, customers and public visitors.

Mapsimise has been designed to be flexible and very easy to use. You can even use maps in reports or other applications that show data on a dashboard, live reports or even embed links into your favourite PDF data sheets.

What's next?

The team are super busy working on Mapsimise 4.0 for 2021 with a more advanced, easy to use user interface. It will include a number of great new features and integrations. Let us show you a quick sneak preview of what is coming in Q1 next year.

One feature that has been requested a lot is colour coding KML and map filters to show coloured segments, along with the total count of records in a highlighted area.

This will give an even better visual effect of your data by location.

As always if you have any questions, please do let us know.

If you would like to find out more about collaboration in Mapsimise, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase.

If you need help getting started, please just contact us or book an online meeting. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

Ready to get started?

Just log in and follow the quick steps above to start collaborating with your data on a Google Map!