The power of WHERE, why does location matter❓

I know don’t sell the technology right….sell the solution and today we want to do exactly that, well not sell, but explain a little more about the power of WHERE and why location can help you understand your data.

First let’s look at what mapsimise is, and what you can do with it.  You might be thinking its about maps, therefore it is about logistics, travel, and direction.  In this case we are sorry to say that is not the case.

Mapsimise is a data platform, maybe we should have called it Datamise but that would probably make even less sense.  Sure, we have a map but that is just the blank canvas we use, the data we add to that canvas helps you visualise or paint the picture of what is happening where in your business.

Every business including yours has data around the activity that you undertake, this might be the collection of customers information, address, telephone and then activity like sales, marketing campaigns and support requests, you may even want to map revenue by region or by salesperson.

It is likely that you will have a CRM system or type of Customer relationship management tool or a database to collect all the data you work with, or maybe you are using a spreadsheet, a lot of systems we know give a list view one record after another just like a spreadsheet.

Most systems do not build any type of relationships with data by location so from a list of customers you cannot easily see where customers are location unless you have memorised the latitude and longitude of every single postcode or zip code, which is probably unlikely, even we are not that good.

Build a map view of your data it be customers, sales or service, help you identify patterns by location, you start to see clusters of activity, you could even trend activity over the different weeks or month.

What location analytics gives you in return is analysis of what is happening where, it helps you build a picture and identify relationships between customers and prospects by location.  It will help you identify market share of business activity in each sales territory and location.

And what is more is will help you identify areas where you have NO customers or little activity.

The reality of understand the WHERE means you can plan your marketing activity; you could plan a road show of smaller events and go where the prospects are.  You can manage visually the activity and value of a sales region and more so build marketing lists by region or by a given location.

Ok, what else well that Is probably it for now, apart for the difference with what we do with is that we help your team use data from existing system to understand it spatially gaining real location insight.

You can take a tour below or grab a free account, and start understanding your data by location today