This week we are taking another look at the capability of the Mapsimise search as this has several great features and different capabilities.  Which can help you find out more information about a location or find a location and related businesses.

How to look up Postcode and ZIP codes quickly

So, let’s start with the Postcode lookup which is part of Search. You can see from the image on the right where the search feature is. This little box can be used to find several different things and it is not just for searching your data on the map.

Go ahead and enter a postcode or a zip code and the map will find you the location you are looking for.  Why is this useful? Well, it helps you quickly find related information that is either coming from your systems of from data that you have uploaded.

What about looking up locations, can I do that?

Just simply type in the area you are interested in and the location will be displayed. There is no limit, so if you want to jump around cities, towns or even by countries we can help you do that, again helping you filter your data by a given location.

You can see from the search in the image below Mapsimise demonstrates a quick search of Newburg, IOWA quickly displaying the location.

How about finding businesses nearby?

Well how about finding all the locations for a major corporate? We can do that to. From the Map below we did a quick search for Airbus, but you can try this with any large brand name like the one below, which is McDonalds eateries.

Mapsimise is connected to Google Search, so not only does it display your own data and information about customers, sales, or marketing, but you can also find related local information, like the nearest Costa or Starbucks to one of your customers.

What else can it do?

Not only can this little search box help with all of the above, but we can also help you find information about types of businesses in a given area.  Now we all do different things and provide different services, but data is one that is consistent, and we all need it.

Let's say you need to find software companies around London that you want to invite to the launch of a new development tool.  First search the area and then the business type. In this example we’ve looked for software.

Very quickly you can search for data via Google and display related information not only in the right-hand pane but on the maps by location, and you can do this with any business sector or type. Just give it a go.

In Conclusion 👇

The search box is a lot more than just searching your data and can be used to find lots of things by location with more coming in future releases.

If you would like to watch the video version of this email and see Mapsimise in action, then just click the video below and please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel.