For sure the world is a very different place right now, and when we all come out the other end it is likely that business will also be different, new ways of working, new efficiency and the reduction of the amount of travel as we have become accustom to new working at home practices.

But we still need food, and it is likely that in the future we are going to become more reliable on home delivery with social distancing likely to go on for some time.

The trend for internet shopping or e-tailing (which is kind of catchy if you are a geek like us), is growing and continues to do so.

You can see more here,and this was before the pandemic took hold

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But what has been evidently impacted and will continue to be is supply chain and delivery of all the things you want or need to be delivered to your door.

I used to dislike supermarket shopping for food, I dislike it even less now and the supermarkets have a real challenge as delivery slots are now weeks in advance. When home delivery first started by the big supermarkets it might have seemed a nice option to have, but now it really is a necessity and scaling up has been a challenge.

Delivery businesses and drivers are going to be in demand, and that is just one opportunity that will come out of this adverse situation. As business owners and service providers, we may look closely at our supply chain and realise that when China closes production the impact on key products could be affected.

Our countries have become reliant on global supply and global markets which may well change as we come through this.

Using data, being efficient in business and learning to use resources in a better way will become a competitive advantage. Having the ability to analyse by location, even down to street level will enable you to understand buying habits and popular delivery routes.

Someone recently said, “Data is the new Oil” and there is an element of truth in this statement. It is data and understanding analysis of that data will help better business decision to be made.

You can take data and use BI tools and you can take data and use mapping tools, but very few combine the two to give you real insight into what is happening where.

The current pandemic is having an impact on business and we all know this as business owners; the whole world and all businesses are affected.

HOWEVER, there will be an end and right now is a great time to think about efficiency, making your business lean and getting more from your data.

Soon we are holding an online event (date to be confirmed) to talk through what we do. We will also have a Q&A with a little show and tell.

We look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, take a look at what we are doing with Mapsimise and grab your free account.