For sure, the adage of a customer not wanting to buy the drill bit but to gain a hole can be used in many different scenarios, and technology is just one.

When we set out designing Mapsimise it was not about the technology but about solving data problems and answering the following questions…

“Why do I need maps in my business?”

“What problem is being solved that I struggle with now?”

Today I thought it would be another good day to discuss how Mapsimise makes things easier for you without you knowing why!

So, what do you get by putting all your customer data on a Map? The answer is easy! You get visualisation by location… but what else?

You also get intelligence about all your customer locations in a simple view and unless you are a mastermind of postcodes and zip codes, seeing that customer data in a list view will not help you build a pattern of where your customers are!

You might be thinking “so what!? I don’t need to know where all my customers are!”, but from a sales and analysis point of view, you can quickly see which locations field the most business for you.  You could relate this to field sales, team performance or other relatable information like events or outlets.

What is more, you do not need to just map customer data. You could map revenue from sales by region, or map historic sales vs new sales to gain insight about performance.

One of our customers recently built a map view of all software renewals by location and then created a route and visit plans for a sales team members to action. The same could have also easily been done with maintenance appointments.

The thing is, it really is all about how you use your data to benefit your business and increase activity through realising patterns and connections in a single view; that is why maps are useful in business.

Let’s help you solve the problem of understanding data and making it more visual. You might not realise you have this problem, but if your CRM is a repository for data and not being used effectively to generate new business and you’re not seeing where business is generated from or how marketing campaigns can be affective by region, then you might just be wasting some money or repeating the same old process, over and over again.

With this awful pandemic and regional lockdowns happening, would it not be easier to quickly look on a map, select a post or county and mark it as being in lock down, meaning that engagement with your customers in those regions might follow a different process.

Having a spatial view of your customer, sales and service data enables your team on the ground to understand what is happening, when it is happening and why.  This is why Mapsimise is helping many organisations like yours gain real insight from data easily and quickly, and what is more, there is even a free account to take advantage of.

Visit the Mapsimise website to find out more.