So, HOW do we SOLVE the problem of COHORT Location👍

Is it a problem, do you even care where the next COHORT of students come from.

Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but here is a little story about how one UNIVERSITY did care enough, and it helped them focus course content on what industry needed in a given LOCAION.

TELL ME MORE... I here you say 👍

Well, its an easy one but one that is over looked as registration data of a course can play a big role in understanding where COHORT apply from, and the future careers they intend to do.

It’s TRUE not all students, go to UNIVERSITY with a career in mind, but many do and this story is about engineering 👩‍🔬

I'll not name names, but a UK based University was looking at one of its engineering courses to see why year on year the course was fully subscribed, and some years over subscribed.

They had noticed that year of year there were groups of students coming from the same college and schools, but there marketing could not justify WHY.

So we SOLVED the problem, and helped answer the question.

It turned out the particular course was favoured by a number of AUTOMOTIVE manufactures, that had no direct connection with the University.

School leavers in each of the locations were pointed towards this course and this University as the preferred option if they wanted to apply for graduate placements at these give companies.

The long and short of this story is, by mapping the location of several years intake a picture emerged, a picture that identified a connection with industry in given locations.

No surprise the University went on to leverage this information and build better relationships with the industries by each region.

Meaning this built a better understanding of need, great value for the students and prospective employers

We basically joined the dots, and showed WHERE the interest came form

It also meant that there was a guaranteed level of strong interest in the course for years to come.

Yes, this is just one example, an example of the POWER of WHERE, the POWER of LOCATION and dare we say it the POWER of

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