It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so if you have forgotten it’s time to ring the florist, grab a card or pick up something from the garage forecourt on the way home, however, I can say the sack of logs I got last year for my wife did not go down too well.

There are a number of peak times in the year we all go flower shopping and florists of all sizes prepare to maximise sales and get the flowers out of the door, delivered as soon as they possibly can.

But, why would a florist selling flowers all year around want technology like Mapsimise? It’s all about delivery and understanding the customer base. Tracking which customers in which location have bought at a certain time.  Having a competitive edge in this way means marketing before the event can be managed and tailored to demographic and the customer base, helping to generate maximum interest for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day celebrations.

Granted, running your florist on an order by order basis can be satisfying, but stressful. If you’re successful with that approach that is great but imagine an easier way.

Let me tell you a story about one florist that not only used technology to their advantage but created a huge order base by just taking a different approach.  No names mentioned but a smaller two shop florist in the north of England, UK was having a slow flower week, so the owner decided to create a special event.

The event was “Flower Friday” and message was very simple - buy your partner some flowers for the weekend.

The owner recorded a video in one of her shops talking about flowers and how it would be a great idea to order one of the bouquets that she was demonstrating for a loved one or partner.  The video was place on Facebook and LinkedIn in the early morning and tweeted several times through Wednesday and Thursday.

The florist had promised to deliver anywhere in the UK and the outcome was phenomenal. She confirmed that the videos had more success than they had on Valentine’s day and Mother’s day!

She also confirmed that it was hectic and had she had Mapsimise she could have managed routes and customer types far easier. She said she looked forward to the next “Flower Friday” but this time using Mapsimise to manage repeat orders by locations along with integrated email marketing by MailChimp.

Mapsimise helps you do more with your data. It helps you create routes for delivery drop offs and helps you map your customers by location.  Even a straightforward business model like selling flowers can benefit from technology and customers get a great service (assuming all your deliveries are made).

But it doesn’t matter what your business sells, we all have customers and solutions like Mapsimise can help your business deliver great results.

So, all there is to say is have a great Valentines, with Love.

How to get started with Mapsimise

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