For sure, geospatial tools like Mapsimise can be used in many different situations, gaining many different results with the data you already have in your business…

Location and understanding locations are playing a bigger role in sales, marketing and service activity, but today we are looking at some of the new features that are coming with Mapsimise for property management.

We have recently been working with several real estate and property management companies along with those that value and survey property.

A recent customer that we have been working with owned and operates several estate agents in the UK, and they had several sets of data that they needed to see by location.

These are properties for sale, interested parties looking for new homes, investors looking for property in each location, landlords that had property managed by the agent, and all the locations of the different outlets, in total there were 23 different shops.

With Mapsimise we helped build several maps using our proximity filter and this enabled us to show relationships between different data types.

Let me give you an example, on one Map we showed all the property for sale that was being managed by each estate agent shop or outlet, this showed a proximity circle with connecting lines to the property by location.

On the same map we showed potential customers who wanted to view property and a list of investors that were looking for property in each location.

Mapsimise as you might already know has a bi yearly release schedule, and in the next releases we are looking to partner with more data providers.

One provider in particular, will enhance property data, giving a range of property information including information about the area, environmental rating and local tax costs for council tax (UK ONLY).

These types of information can help by providing an address lookup, that enhances data for those properties and those working with property, this helps understand more information about a property and its location.

By being able to use the data in this way and capitalise on the data you already have in your business, means that you can gain faster access to the right information when you need it.

The video below covers this topic with a short demo, but you can learn more and get your free account below.