Did you know Mapsimise can do automated route planning?

If you are using Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, you can map all your appointments, helping your team get to the right place at the right time.

Or just map a route for customer records or from data uploaded via Microsoft Excel.

Mapsimise has the ability to track and manage a single route of 25 drop points and multiple routes can be created for either different teams or for different parts of the day or section of a journey.

What is more, when setting up your route you can configure the amount of time for each stop point and have the automated planning tools take care of finding you the best route with the shortest distance.

And once you have planned your route it still remains flexible so that you can add, take away and rearrange the route and it will always be recalculated with the latest information.

Mapsimise also has live traffic directly from Google with the busy roads showing red where traffic flow is greater.

So how do I add a Route? 🚘

Actually like everything in Mapsimise, it is really simple to do and you can either select the individual pins on the map as click ‘Add to Route’, or using the drawing tools, select up to 25 point and then from the grid view for the filter select the ‘Add to Route’. Once done just click the auto route button and the best route plan will be drawn for you.

Ready to get started?

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