The guys behind Mapsimise have been working their butts off to get out the latest updates for Mapsimise and its officially that time of the month where we would like to officially tell you they’re ready!

In this blog we’ll be showing you what’s been updated and also what has been added to improve your Mapsimise journey. This update has more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements than any previous Mapsimise release.

The Mapsimise team is committed to bringing you the most user-friendly, stable and secure data mapping platform on the market. As always, we welcome and look forward to your feedback!

So, let’s jump right in and discover what’s new…

Address Book
The Address Book is a new way to get started plotting addresses on a Mapsimise map without having to upload data from outside of the Mapsimise system. Simply start adding addresses into the book, then add the Address Book to a map to see the locations alongside your other business data!

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Dates and Time Zones
Mapsimise can be used to map business data on a global basis, and as such must be able to deal with data from different time zones around the world. In this new update, Mapsimise now includes an option to set your Account Time Zone and now displays all dates and times according to that time zone.

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Account Settings
Also new in this update is the Account Settings page (“Settings” from main menu). Among other options, you can use Account Settings to set the time zone for your account and change the friendly name of your Mapsimise instance.

The team at Mapsimise are dedicated to making your Mapsimise experience as exciting as possible, this means updates will be rolled out on a monthly basis. The current features in Mapsimise are just the beginning, there’s much more to come…

As always, we would be super psyched to hear any suggestions on what you would like to see in Mapsimise.

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