We are seeing everything turn upside in front of us. We have all seen the map of the Corona virus grow and grow… In light of it all, geospatial and graphical representation of data can be fascinating.

Unfortunately, in this case it is heart-breaking, as the death toll rises on a daily basis it makes you wonder how bad it can get before we start the road to recovery.

Technology is great and maps can do great things for your business, but right now I doubt you’re thinking about investing in technology and instead moving your attention to business planning and how to get through the next six months.

When the realisation sinks in, it really is shocking that things can change so dramatically in just a few weeks, how business and the economy can faulter so quickly and the wheels then fall off the proverbial wagon.

In the past we have had many reported fires, floods, ash clouds from erupting volcanoes and freak weather and earthquakes leading to tsunamis but we get through it, we rebuild, we focus, we repair, and we continue.

But we do have to remain positive. I get it, it is hard to do, I know as I’ve personally worked through three recessions, terrorist attacks and floods, but maybe like you this is the first big virus pandemic I’ve personally encountered.

The main thing to focus on right now is planning what business will be like once normal returns and those plans need to include the need and use of technology, along with your approach to building your brand and business. Because once the taps are turned back on the economy will bounce, meaning there will be winners and losers.

Having spent 22 years in the technology industry, helping businesses get the most from technology. Our current situation means we have to plan more than ever before.  Business will continue, the wheels of commerce will continue, but if your business is not planning then you might not make it through which unfortunately, is a sad reality.

Technology can only help if your business and processes can support current and future times. Data is and will continue to be a key differentiator to how businesses adapt.  There are many services that can help your business get through this in the short and long term. Think outside of the norm and work out how making suitable changes will help.

As part of the potential lockdown of movement and services, those of us that can are now working from home so there are now lots of empty offices. You may well think that as a cost cutting exercise you can repurpose or revaluate your office costs.  I would imagine over the next few months landlords will start getting very competitive on price.

But you may want to also repurpose some of your space and use it for new ways of marketing like video or podcasting.  We all know (and I have personally seen this again and again) business evolves to challenges and right now is a great opportunity and chance to focus on what is next.

Yes, I get it there is the fear factor, we are all feeling it right now, but don’t hide under your desk. Don’t just give up and hope for the best and wait for the money to run out.  Government and banks are strangely going to be on your side while we all ride through this storm.

The way we approach and do business in the future is also likely to change as we build supportive networks around us.  If you’ve not joined LinkedIn, then you’re not actively building your own community! I would seriously recommend it. Feel free to connect with me there:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alistair2b/

So, what to do? How do you go from near collapse, find new work and promote yourself when buying power and budgets are now going to be limited?  Well as a company owner, our first step was to protect our team, make sure they were all safe, that they could quarantine themselves and still be productive.  Next, we started to talk to our contacts and businesses we knew to see if we could do joint webinars and help promote each other.

As a side note, I will be doing some videos next week on emerging business models.

We then start running webinars with other business owners to share information in a consortium. We all give a little of our time and invite people to join.  Doing this is simple and it takes the traditional speaker panel to an online scenario.  Our first of these events should be live in the next few weeks and include advice from different businesses, so watch this space to find out more.

Right now, planning and marketing are going to be the most important factors. Although fear factor might be telling you NO, we all need to get out and share what we do, how we can help, maybe even offer some services for free. Business is going to be changing and adaption to the new rules of business are going to be written.

In closing, all I can say is try and be positive. Look for the opportunity and the advantages from this situation. Look for the areas where you can make a difference and run with it.  I know it sounds a little fluffy and you might be a small business that offers a hand’s on service but hit the web! Look at the social channels to see what others are doing.  Right now, is the biggest opportunity ever to plan and grow your future business.

Wake me up when it’s over and I’ll see you on the other side.