With new technology, comes new ways of marketing. Many of the popular marketing techniques we use today were not even around 20 years ago. Technology has evolved at a rapid pace and continues to evolve, meaning new ways of marketing are being born before our eyes! We wanted to introduce our Mapsimise platform and how it can significantly improve the marketing team and performance in your business…

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson made history by sending the very first email. Just one email, from one computer to the other in the same room. Now, we send hundreds of thousands, even millions of emails at a time without batting an eyelid and without thinking how far we have come with technology today, in such a short space of time.

Everyone is different

With the many types of technology to choose from, there is no right or wrong way and you may even have a multitude of outlets that you schedule your marketing from. For example, you may use a certain platform for social media, and then you may use another for your email marketing. Marketing is all about test and measure, and what works for you may not necessarily work for someone else.

Mapsimise is a data analytics platform that significantly improves the way your run your marketing campaigns. Mapsimise is built upon Google Maps. You simply upload or connect your data to Mapsimise, either through your current CRM system or by uploading an excel spreadsheet of your data. One uploaded, you will view all your customer, store, or whatever data you may have to work with on a map!

The key benefit of using Mapsimise to manipulate your data is that you can visualise your data by its location instead of having to view it in lists on an excel spreadsheet or your CRM.

Choosing your data

Once your data is in Mapsimise, you can start your marketing campaign! Whatever your strategy or motive when it comes to marketing in your business, email marketing is still hot when it comes to reaching the masses.

With Mapsimise, we enable you to visualise your data on a Google map and select the data you would like to use for an email campaign. Circle or draw around you chosen data with our selection tool. For example, you could select data by specific road, or town by drawing a circle around that town or drawing a line down a street. Mapsimise really is a lot of fun and makes selecting your target market a lot easier.

Choosing your Marketing Platform

Do you go for…




The choice is yours and it may be that you already have a subscription with one already. If so, GREAT because you can get started straight away and begin sending your email campaign to your chosen data.

Putting the two together

On the left-hand side of your Mapsimise subscription, you will see options to navigate to different areas of your Mapsimise account. Clicking on “Connectors” lets you view which connectors you have added. Scroll to “Add a connector” where you can choose your chosen marketing platform to connect to. Once you have added your chosen connector (Dotdigital or Mailchimp) you can then begin your email marketing campaign. Here’s the steps again:

1.      Sign into your Mapsimise account

2.      On the left-hand side click “connectors”

3.      Click your chosen marketing platform from “add a connector”

4.      Follow the steps to complete the connection

5.      You’re ready to do some email marketing!

What’s next?

Use our range of shape filters below to capture the data you would like to target and then add it to your chosen marketing platform to begin sending your marketing message. The world is your oyster!

We hope this will help you to gain insight into how marketing works with Mapsimise. Get started today by signing up to your FREE Go Subscription and following the steps to getting up and running with your connector to Dotdigital or Mailchimp.

As always, help is at hand so please do contact us for support or send us a message on Facebook