This week is all about how you can get the best from Mapsimise for your marketing. It’s been a very odd year so far, but marketing is still hugely important as business starts to grow once again.

Helping you target your Marketing by Location!

No, Mapsimise isn’t going to create you great content, or build you a huge audience – we’ll leave that one up to you, BUT it can tell you where that audience is and allow you to target the right parties and customers with proximity.

That’s right! You can connect the dots and build a relationship between two sets of data on a single map.

So let’s say you want to invite all you customers within 10 miles or kilometres to a given store or event, (Covid friendly of course) Mapsimise can very quickly help you pick a location and then connect the pins using proximity searching.

Or you might want to just identify a postcode or ZIP code on a map, convert this to a filter and create effective campaigns for customers and prospects in that area.  With Mapsimise we try and make it simple for you to understand your data by a given location.

By integrating into popular CRM systems and using Microsoft Excel, we know filtering data, building lists, and understanding exactly who is where will add value to your marketing activities.

If you would like to find out more, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase.

We hope that you enjoy marketing with Mapsimise next time you log into your Mapsimise subscription.  Again, if you need any support or have any queries about your Mapsimise account, please just get in touch.

Or otherwise, head over to our YouTube channel to watch a demo video of marketing with Mapsimise, along with other feature videos.

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