This week we wanted to share how you can build lists for email marketing campaigns with Mapsimise.

You may know already that we have connectors to both DotDigital and to MailChimp, but you can also build a list and export to Microsoft Excel or send to a marketing list via one of our CRM connectors.

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Let’s look at the DotDigital connectors for starters. This is an extra feature added to Mapsimise. If you go to your connectors and select DotDigital you will be asked if you want to purchase the extra connection, then once you do, you will be prompted for your DotDigital sign in that you use to access you DotDigital service.

Once you have done this the connection will be made and you can start to use the connector and pass data from Mapsimise to a list in DotDigital. This is the same approach for MailChimp, but you will need an API key to make the connections from your MailChimp subscription. Let us know if you need help with this.

So how do you create a marketing list?

Well, like most things in Mapsimise it’s easy to target and filter data as you can use any of the drawing tools to filter by location. In the example below we are looking at accounts from our Salesforce CRM system.

First the accounts that are to be part of the list have been drawn around and filtered into the grid view. From here it’s possible to pass this data to a spreadsheet or to Dotdigital or Mailchimp.

From here, you would select the DotDigital icon on the grid tool bar and map the fields you want to send over to DotDigital for Marketing purposes. Mapsimise enables you to create a new list in Dotdigital or select an existing one that allows you to add more participants to the list.

You may not need to map all the data from Mapsimise, but salutation and email information will be needed.

Mapping the data from Mapsimise to DotDigital again is really simple to do and Mapsimise gives you the options laid out in the pop-up window.

Once done, the data will be sent to a list in DotDigital and you can then work on sending out your email.

If you are exporting the list to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel, just click the button again on the grid tool bar and the information will be downloaded in a CSV or Excel formatted file.

So, now you know how to build effective marketing lists that are targeted by location for email marketing. You can also do the same for postal mail campaigns but that will feature in a future Tips and Tricks.

If you would like to find out more about customisation in Mapsimise, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase. If you missed any of our previous Tips and Tricks, you can also find them on our blog.

If you need help getting started, please just contact us or book an online meeting. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

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