We are now at a state of fever pitch here at the office, and I would say the air is a little bit giddy - why you might ask? Well we have just completed the April build 3 weeks early.  Not only have the team achieved this and recovered an additional 3 weeks, but they have also managed to add in a new layer of functionality so that notes can be tagged onto a map by individual users.  It might seem obvious that this functionality should exist, and we agree, but this was pulled off a future feature list.

When you now display your data from what ever system or from an upload, you can create extra tags around those records to highlight information or to share with the rest of your team.

One thing I did want to highlight this month is that the use of geospatial technology is not a brand-new area and you can see from the article written by Michael A. Erskine, Dawn G. Gregg, Jahangir Karimi and Judy E. Scott, that this research was done in 2013. What is very interesting is the conclusion in section 5 that talks about literal outline vs the ability to display data in a real way (geovisualiation) of company data:

“As organizations collect large amounts of geospatial data, there is a need to effectively utilize the collected data to make strategic and organizational decisions. However, literature describing the best techniques to make decisions using geospatial data as well as the best approaches for geovisualization is limited”

You can read the full article here: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/0d0d/3fbd73e23a29d06f193366d2984dc44c246d.pdf

Just like in the “Dot Com” boom (that some of us might remember as a great time to have parties), the technology to support the concept of internet applications was not ready… some will still remember dial up access.

I believe now that the time for geospatial applications and use of geospatial technology is rapidly growing and this is the reason why the team at Mapsimise have setup home in the Google camp with Google Maps and Google Street View.

April and May are going to bring more activity with Mapsimise as the development team will be handing over the first internal version to marketing for review - yes, this means I get my very own login after 15 months of software development!!

Bio – Alistair Dickinson CEO Mapsimise

After 21 years helping organisations with technology, I’ve seen and worked on many projects. As CEO of Mapsimise I’m still very hands on working with all team members and not sat in an office making spreadsheets and crunching numbers.  I’m happy to work on the support desk, take calls and discuss how our tools and technology can help businesses like yours.  You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me directly.  I’m very jeans and t-shirts and still wear Nike Air trainers to the office which I’m told is cool…