I’ve been reviewing articles and blogs across the web and found lots of interesting posts generated over the past few years.  This one from Gartner is a case in point  https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3065323as it was posted back in 2015 and talks about geospatial platforms beginning to mature.

The article by Gartner is not wrong, and the reason for creating Mapsimise was and still is, to bring a complete cloud-based geospatial platform to market for business users to analyse and work with connected data, and overlay data in new and unique ways that enhance and help solve business problems by meeting data requirements.

There are many many ways that geospatial tools and software can be used in business, and there are far too many user case examples for a single blog post, but these will be fully documented later as we move to our first release (RTM) in 2019.

It’s now October 2018 and the project here has been running for some ten months and the development effort and the capability that has already been built is astounding.  Mapsimise as a total offering will bring connected big data functions to all business sectors, but as a business owner like with any software use, comes strategy.

We as a team have been helping businesses with client and customer strategy for the past decade, helping them to understand data, data security and engagement.  The Mapsimise offering extends this vision, enabling users to connect data from common data sources and popular CRM systems by incorporating direct connection within Mapsimise.

As a business adopting a geospatial platform the requirement to perform data analysis will need to be identified and our pending Q&A pack is intended to help organisations plan user case scenarios - but more on this later.

What is evident from all my research is that cloud based geospatial and mapping tools, although still a young industry, is growing and growing fast.  Mapsimise will be a great addition to this fledgling market place and we look forward to receiving feedback as we progress.

Bio – Alistair Dickinson CEO Mapsimise

After 21 years helping organisations with technology, I’ve seen and worked on many projects. As CEO of Mapsimise I’m still very hands on working with all team members and not sat in an office making spreadsheets and crunching numbers.  I’m happy to work on the support desk, take calls and discuss how our tools and technology can help businesses like yours.  You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me directly.  I’m very jeans and t-shirts and still wear Nike Air trainers to the office which I’m told is cool…