I hadn’t planned to write an additional post this month, but this just came up in my feed from Gartner and as it was from source I just thought I’d add my thoughts, as it’s a topic we have discussed with our local council regarding planning applications and bus routes.

Three Geospatial and Location Intelligence Use Cases to Meet Governments' Biggest Challenges: https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3833266

Having had several years of deploying some of our previous geospatial and map solutions, this has always been a topic of interest; as a consultant I’ve had experience of both public and private sector projects.

More recently I became a group member of the Isle of Wight Digital Island Strategy (see here for last year’s conference https://www.iow.gov.uk/news/Artificial-Intelligence-frenzy-in-Cowes)  and working with the consultant who is taking the lead, we discussed a need for external maps being available to the public through government run websites.

Some of the problems with this in the past has not only been integration but displaying maps from internal data sources through firewalls and making changes to websites has always meant a development project of some kind.

With the functionality of Mapsimise we have aimed to simplify the process by holding related data either through connections or local with Mapsimise, meaning that any maps created with Mapsimise can essentially be displayed externally as part of a website or with a separate business application, making visualisation of connected data far easier to implement.

The concept of Big Data has been around for a while, but its only now that the web and solutions are catching up to help deliver on some of the promises made.

Bio – Alistair Dickinson CEO Mapsimise

After 21 years helping organisations with technology, I’ve seen and worked on many projects. As CEO of Mapsimise I’m still very hands on working with all team members and not sat in an office making spreadsheets and crunching numbers.  I’m happy to work on the support desk, take calls and discuss how our tools and technology can help businesses like yours.  You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me directly.  I’m very jeans and t-shirts and still wear Nike Air trainers to the office which I’m told is cool…