If you have been reading any of my previous posts about the journey so far, then you might have come to the conclusion that the team here at Mapsimise are flat-out busy, heading for our first release.

What has been very interesting this week is that as a team we have started to plan the release and the go-to-market ready for September.  To date, all our effort has been around software building, but now the planning for the release is well and truly underway!

So what has happened? Well, in just a week we have released our new holding page for early adopters www.mapsimise.com, with a lot more information about how Mapsimise can bring real benefits to business, and what features and connectors the platform will offer.

I’ve had the opportunity to start talks with the first of many software distributors who are keen to list the offering for their 150 resellers, this made me feel that we were really on the right track, as I only gave a very shot demo of the capability and it was extremely well received.

I have also been extending discussions with the Google network of partners as a number have already shown real interest - some right from the start and if you are a #Geospatial blogger, then I may be contacting you to discuss early access.

I know there are many ways to use GIS and geospatial solutions in a business, and with my background being customer engagement focused, every day I keep learning new ways that Mapsimise could help businesses save more by using data in a way that creates efficiency.

This week I have also had conversations with suppliers of CRM systems who would like for us to create data connectors, this includes the team at FreshWorks for FreshSales and further conversation with ZohoCRM.  It is anticipated we will be adding three more CRM connectors post release, but before the end of December 2019.

Current Mapsimise Connections

And finally, this week I have had the opportunity to find some time to sit down and begin writing a series of free eBooks that will be made available on the Mapsimise website without any registration.  My plan is to discuss all the popular topics of how such tools bring real benefit to Sales, Marketing and Service as well as the management of analytics.  Look out for “Bringing geospatial technology into your day to day business activity” coming soon.

So that is about it for this week and I will be back next week with further updates. If you would like to share any ideas with me, please tweet or email me directly. My details are below.

Interesting articles from this week

This one I picked up as it is great to see that the use and ideas on how to use GIS and geospatial are being imagined at the middle school level: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4304071?unique_ID=636935112093337306

Obviously Mapsimise are not part of this report, but interesting to see the growth of offering and technologies. We hope to be in future analysis:  http://algosonline.com/technology/geospatial-analytics-market-analysis?unique_ID=636935076123617766

I’ve also ready many more but will continue to review and share my thoughts.

Bio – Alistair Dickinson CEO Mapsimise

After 21 years helping organisations with technology, I’ve seen and worked on many projects. As CEO of Mapsimise I’m still very hands on working with all team members and not sat in an office making spreadsheets and crunching numbers.  I’m happy to work on the support desk, take calls and discuss how our tools and technology can help businesses like yours.  You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me directly.  I’m very jeans and t-shirts and still wear Nike Air trainers to the office which I’m told is cool…