We are now just over 12 months into the new Mapsimise project and apart from development, there is a lot of activity beginning to take place around building social channels and engaging with potential interested parties.  We have been writing blog posts from the start of the project to update everyone on progress, and if you have been following us you might have already read about some of the challenges we have faced along the way.

What I have found extraordinary is the amount of activity on our Facebook page with people responding to some of our initial posts.  With our page only being live for about 6 weeks we have over 1100 followers, who are responding to our content, and on Instagram we are nearly about to top the 100 followers in just 2 weeks of activity.

Our posts, content and ideas are already beginning to gain traction across the web, and it is truly great to see some of the comments and interactions we receive.

Later in the year we will be planning early adopter preview events and if you would like to come to one of these online sessions you can register for our early adopter program here: www.mapsimise.com.

You may have seen in some of my previous posts that Mapsimise from the start has been designed to solve problems that business users face. As we continue to research what data can be used at either source or as an overlay, the overall offering seems to be coming to life.

I recently ran some testing with a data set I used from the UK police https://data.police.uk/data/and I acknowledge that I did under open licence.  But the results were amazing as we could very quickly see related crime data by region and type of incident.

Mapsimise has full search capability, which is one of its cool features, and in just a few moments I’d displayed all the regional crime in my area.

Note that, not only can you use Mapsimise for customer data, you can use any type of data that relates to an address or that has a geographical location, so for example, imagine using Mapsimise with flood and environment data in the insurance sector and matching addresses with the land register.  All this is possible with Mapsimise; giving real insight into given locations that you may work with.

Next month I will be looking at some articles and current news on the geospatial industry… so watch out for those posts as the take up of geospatial systems and use of data is growing!

Bio – Alistair Dickinson CEO Mapsimise

After 21 years helping organisations with technology, I’ve seen and worked on many projects. As CEO of Mapsimise I’m still very hands on working with all team members and not sat in an office making spreadsheets and crunching numbers.  I’m happy to work on the support desk, take calls and discuss how our tools and technology can help businesses like yours.  You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me directly.  I’m very jeans and t-shirts and still wear Nike Air trainers to the office which I’m told is cool…