So, why would you want to, it’s a great opening question, but today we are looking at just that, how you can build location visualisation with your data from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Mapsimise.

There are many reasons why you might actually want to so in this Blog demo we thought we explain a few of the reasons, you might have already seen our blog on creating marketing list by location HERE

and that is just one, by plotting your customer data, contacts leads or accounts by location, you can draw and filter using the Mapsimise tools to create lists by region, this also works for Mailchimp, DotDigital and Salesforce.

But what else can you do with your customers data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, well why not map and create your sales regions, build and filter areas so that you can see where the most Sales opportunities are being created.

If you want to see the blog about creating digital sales regions there is a link HERE

Location intelligence give you that extra bit of insight to understand what is happening where and it is really easy to do

In this demo video we are creating 3 map layers from different Microsoft Dynamics record types and using the data in real time to build map views of what is happening where, and you can do the same.

Most systems, well nearly all give a single view of one type of data, but by using location intelligence tools to build a full picture you can see the relationship of different data records and types build proximity between one set of data and another and focus your attention on where activity is happening.

Imagine you took your customer list or even your newsletter list and wanted to plot where potential customers might be so that you could invite them to local events, the old saying of going where the opportunity is i.e., don’t fish where there are no fish comes into play.

Using your data in a more effective way with location can give you, your team and your business a better understanding of traction, product sell and customer density.  It can also give you real insight to where you do have that many or no customers.

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