This week we are looking at pins, icons and pin colour variation to help you make your maps more visual and easier to understand.  We appreciate some of you are using this feature already, but we just thought why not bring a little colour this week. It is Christmas after all.

Not only can you have coloured pins, you can change the icons or shape of the pin too!

There are several different settings available. Mapsimise allows you to not only have coloured pins, but change the icons or the shape of the pins too!

Here's how to do it...

From the data layer, which is in the bottom left corner of your maps, select the three-line icon to edit the layer in use.

A tabbed screen will open similar to the one below and from there, select the tab that states “Pin Variation”.

Pin variations can be set against database values that match. They can include different colours, different icons and different pin shapes. If you set the colour, icon and shape you will change all 3 characteristics of the pin on the map - it really is that easy to filter the data by coloured pins.

Remember: If used in connection with regional KML files, you can quickly filter by area.

What is Mapsimise up to next?

There is a lot happening at Mapsimise HQ and it is likely that we will soon be rolling out our EU data site in Germany as a new Mapsimise instance.  Also, this month will see the start of our monthly newsletter. While Tips and Tricks will continue weekly, once a month we will be sharing the latest news of what is to come.

Our first "Update" will be heading to you on the 16th December so do let us know if you have any questions.

The last Tips and Trick for 2020 will be on the 18th and then it is Christmas. We hope to catch up in the new year!

If you need help getting started, please just contact us or book an online meeting. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

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