It’s Friday again and you may have noticed we missed last week’s Tips and Tricks due to the Easter bank holiday (we did think of trying to come up with something around Easter eggs, but then took the day off...) 😅.

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As you know Mapsimise is all about the data, or more importantly, your data and how you can make better use by location.

Did you know there are advanced filter tools at each layer that help you select exactly what data you need on a map from the layer selected?

Here is How it Works:

From the layer that needs to be filtered, select the three line icon to the right of the layer; this will pop up the side menu.

From here, you can select the the data filter option and a new window will appear enabling you to create a new layer filter.

The good news is you can have several, as well as swap and change the filtered views as needed.

How to Create a New Filter 👇

Once selected a new window will appear. It is likely that no filter will be selected if this option has not been used before.

From the drop down at the top of the screen select New Data Filter.

The screen will change to give you an advanced find option which then enables you to build up advanced queries of the data you want to see.

In this example three different crime types have been selected and they have been included into an “OR” group which means the results will show any record that meets the criteria. Then an “AND” block has been added to filter the three crime types by the reporting force which means that the results must match at least one crime type and be reported by the City of London.

Many options can be included, and layers can have many filters but once you have created a layer, go ahead and save - the filter will be available from the layer for future use.

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