Construction is one of the sectors that has managed to maintain and increase productivity, through 2020 and the prediction for 2021 and 22 is good, even with the supply of some materials being limited, the economies around the world have seen positive growth in the construction sector.

Bancorp of Southern Indiana and JCB in 2020 saw a 25.7% increase in earnings over their 2019 results.

There could be many reasons, but in a recent CPA report the forecast for construction runs into double digits, and you can see the report here

But just like any business sector the construction industry has data, about people, sites and equipment, and recently we had the opportunity to show off Mapsimise as a great solution to track assets, on construction sites as well as understand local available resource.

Nearly 80% of data held by businesses including your business will have a location element that can be mapped, understanding the “where” as well as the “when” and trending data over time, helps you and your team make decisions faster, by visualising what you have.

Recently we had a demonstration for tracking plant equipment for a large construction company, they had a single requirement, they needed to know in real time where plant equipment was, and how far it was from pending jobs or relocation to new sites.  The Director said we don’t want to move a JCB 100 miles when we can move one by just 10.

Once the team saw that they could not only track their diggers but highlight sites, and resources the wow moment was realised that having a tool like Mapsimise is better than having a spreadsheet, and all the data is in one place.

They were also using Dynamics 365 in operations to understand several projects, and realising that the data could be visualised in real time by just adding the credentials they already have, made the solution a must have.

Our aim is always to add value, to day-to-day activity and below is a quick overview of what Mapsimise can do for you in your business