We want to introduce you to the world of Location Intelligence Marketing. It’s a fairly new subject and can significantly improve the way you communicate with your current, as well as your new customers. What was once impossible under the time constraints of marketing schedules is now achievable with impressive results! Let’s start with a definition…

What is Location Intelligence Marketing?

Location intelligence is the process of deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve a particular problem.

Location Intelligence Marketing is the process above but relating its uses for marketing purposes to help you communicate with your stakeholders efficiently.


Research by Infosys uncovered 59 percent of consumers who experienced personalisation say that it significantly influenced what they purchased. With location intelligence marketing, you can target customers in a different way – by their location. Everyone has a coordinate, whether it be where they live, where they work, which town they live in, which street, which country; all of this can be layered onto a map and visualised to make targeting and your marketing worthwhile and not a drop in the ocean.

How does it help to avoid irrelevant marketing?

The beauty of location intelligence? It comes with many benefits to your business activities. When using location intelligence marketing it allows you to specifically target those in a specific location instead of the usual blanket send. This can help you to target those close to a specific store, those who are close to an upcoming event, those who are living on a certain street. The scenarios are endless, and I am sure when related to your business you can think of ways this can work for your marketing activities.

To understand this better, it also helps to relate this to yourself as we are all consumers in this world. This tactic can help to alleviate unnecessary and irrelevant marketing. Doing a one-size fits all approach does not work and can easily encourage unsubscribing. Irrelevant content is one of the top reason’s receivers unsubscribe - we all know what irrelevant emails feel like – annoying, boring, frustrating, amongst other things.

In the days before this, producing personalised emails that were targeted specifically for the receiver were time-consuming and near on impossible! Location Intelligence Marketing has made this incredibly successful tactic achievable!

How does it help with existing customers?

This is where historical data comes into play – Using your data about your existing customers can help you to target them based on specific interests in how they shop, like what they mainly purchase and where etc, based on their location.

Say you have an event coming up, you can visualise where your nearest customers are to send them an email communication to let them know that their nearest store will be holding an event that may be of interest to them. You may have a sale on in that specific store or you may be able to tell them that there is still stock of their favourite item in a specific store. Layering data upon data significantly improves your service to your customers and visualising it on a map can dramatically improve the way you run your business activities.

The main thing that you should take from this blog is that Location Intelligence Marketing should improve the way you communicate with your stakeholders and improve efficiency in your business. Furthermore, enhancing the way you do business by viewing your data visually to accurately target and communicate to those specific stakeholders easily.

Mapping your data is the new way to do business and you’ll wonder how you ever did it before.

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