In our busy world where time management is a factor, planning your day and the amount you drive is become a competitive advantage.

Nobody likes to get lost so today we are looking at how we can help you drive from A to B and all the points in between with the route planning features in Mapsimise.

I recently saw a great quote that said, “It is the last thing you think about and the first thing you need when you don’t know where you are” and that would be a map.

Maps have been digital for a while and that big A to Z that was kept in the back of the car seat has been replaced with satellite navigation.  But as we all know Sat Nav is not going to plan the route, only the end destination and with Mapsimise you can plan your busy day of customer appointments the day before.

Mapping technology is not new but like anything that is new you once had to be an expert; with Mapsimise we have made it simple, an easy to use geospatial mapping tool for busy business users.

....CEO Alistair Dickinson give his thoughts about using Mapsimise Route Planning

I remember the days of driving over 30,000 miles per year as a technical consultant, bouncing between customer site to customer site and each time getting back into the car after a visit and thinking can I make the next one in time.

At the time my average day was pretty stressful and in some instances I would have a 60 or 70 mile drive between customers. I found myself continually dialling the office from the car phone (yes it was when the mobile phone was integrated into the car) and I would always be asking them to update the customer due to traffic or general problems on route. Back then there was a whole team of people employed to manage this task.  There were also many occasions unfortunately when I had to turn around and miss the appointment and let a customer down.

Look at the video below to see how easy we have made it to plan your route. Mapsimise can be used from any Wi-Fi or data connected device so you can take it on the road with you (hands free please or park up the car first!)

....You can see for yourself how easy we make planning a route

The great thing about digital maps is services and additional data, so not only can you build routes around your own CRM or customer data which has been uploaded but you can use historic traffic data to estimate your time. Our automated route calculation allows you to find the best possible route that reduces travel time and basically organises your day.

…Visualising your customer data makes sense!

Research has shown that the human brain does not work best from lists of data, although we can all follow a list from a visual representation, it’s pretty boring!

You can load any location-based data into Mapsimise and you will get a great view of how that data relates to location and to other data. You can use heat maps, clustering or proximity to gain analysis to other records and what’s more, you can load multiple sheets of data views onto a single map.

…To find out more please connect with us on LinkedIn or via our Mapsimise Website to see all the great features. If you’re ready to get started just follow the simple steps below and we can help you change the way you view data forever.

How to get started with Mapsimise

If you are ready to get started, it's so easy! Start visualising your data on one or more maps by signing up to your own Mapsimise account and get started. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit our website
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select the package that suites your organisation
  4. Fill in the registration form
  5. Validate and log in to your Mapsimise account (by email)
  6. Add your billing information and select the connectors or upgrade from your Go Package

If you get stuck, you can sign into the Help Desk and raise a ticket with Mapsimise Support OR click here.

We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.