So you’re now working from home, you’ve moved some stuff around and you’re set up for work. For those lucky enough to work from a laptop you can choose your workspace. For those who work with 2 or more screens it’s a bit more effort. Wherever you’re working, make sure you’re comfortable to work and set up a place in mind where you know it can be sustainable for the foreseeable future.

We wanted to put this blog together to help you enjoy working from home! You may be thinking… I’m loving it! However, this may quickly wear off so it’s useful to find ways to keep your productivity up, but more importantly look after your mental health too!

Get Dressed

It may feel easier to just roll out of bed and sit straight in front of your computer – after all, you’re not expecting to see anyone anytime soon, unless of course you’re invited to the 9am video call with your CEO. However strong the urge, try not to sit and work in your pyjamas. Even if you shower and put on a fresh set of comfies, you’ve avoided sitting in last night’s sleepwear so try to make the effort each day. This will help with your routine of getting at least a little ready for your day of work and help you feel set up for the day.

Make a space

Whether you’re working from a laptop or desktop, it’s easy to get distracted with children, pets and household chores so it’s best to shut yourself away in a space where you can concentrate solely on your work without distraction. If you don’t have a desk, make a space your “temporary office space” and make your working hours clear to your family so to not disturb you. If you have the space, make use of a spare room and camp there. This way you can make as much mess as possible and once your done, shut the door behind you and forget about it!

If you’ve gone from working in an office to having to work from home, try to make everything you need accessible. Set up each day, having essential documents, to-do lists, calendars, pens, hand cream (needed), reading glasses in reaching distance so that you don’t get distracted when you’re hunting these around the house each day. Try to make your space as normal as possible, mirroring how you’d work if you were still in the office.

To Do List

I find dated to-do lists incredibly useful when it comes to productivity. Writing a to-do list every end of day sets you up for the next day, making sure that you’re able get stuck in the next morning and also they’re handy reminders for yourself of the tasks you need to get done that day. Even if your mind wonders throughout the day, you have your list to refer to, to remind you of what needs to get done before you finish. Some may find this odd, but I like to write down the tasks I’ve also completed that weren’t on my list, just so I am aware of when this was done and also being able to give it a satisfying tick.


Get the hardest task done first. Now that you know you’ve got your to-do list to hand, you can prioritise. It’s always best to get the hardest job completed first whilst your productivity is high, and concentration is at its best. It’s much easier to breeze through the easier tasks, but harder tasks can be more difficult if left until last. You will feel a lot less stressed and a sense of accomplishment for doing so and don’t forget to reward yourself with a break before moving onto the next task at hand!

Go for a walk or just move!

So according to experts, we are expected a heat wave and fingers crossed as this will significantly help morale. No one ever said no to a little bit of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to fight depression and boosts immunity which is very vital for the current situation. Make the most of the good weather and get outside even if it’s for a short walk around the block. Taking breaks is essential for those working from home and helps with productivity. We’re lucky enough on the Isle of Wight to have rolling fields, forests and beaches to walk along when we need to get some fresh air so we should definitely make the most!

If you’re needing something a bit more intense, use your time wisely and stop for a 10-minute break and try a workout. You can find millions of videos on YouTube to help you work up a sweat. Try doing a longer workout during your lunch break or use the extra time you’re not commuting to get up and do a quick workout. I particularly enjoy Joe Wicks or more commonly know as the Body Coach on YouTube to do short HIT work outs that lasts for 20 minutes with constant 30 second breaks.

Remember, this isn’t going to last forever however we’re not sure how long this will last so just enjoy the changes of working from home, on top of all the other things you’re trying to juggle throughout this very odd time. Stay safe all, we will get through this together