Welcome back, what is I hear you say, well we all know that spreadsheets Excel (did you see what I did there) when it comes to transforming data and using it for analysis, but that data can be used in several different ways, location intelligence is one.

You’ll probably already know this but 85% maybe more of your data that you hold in your business has a location element or relates to a location, it could be an address, just a zip code, country, or county data and by using this data with a map you can gain an understanding of clusters and location along with what is happening WHERE.

By using Location Analytics, you can effectively gain additional intelligence from your data, which helps you build a bigger picture of what is happening, when it is happening and of cause where it is happening.

In this demo blog we are looking at just how easy it is to take that spreadsheet and load it into Mapsimise and build your first map gaining visual representation of where your customers are

As you can see from the video, you can see plotting your data and gaining location insight can be very useful, for Sales, Marketing and Event management.   Understand where resource is in relation to an opportunity it be Recruitment, Health Care workers or labour resource helps understand and filter the data you need to see.

You will also know that the typical business system just like a spreadsheet presents data in a list form and usually presents the same type i.e., Accounts, Contacts, or Invoices.  Geolocation changes this by applying data aggregation to build views of all relevant data types by the filtered location again giving insight to what is happening where, if this sounds like the right solution for you then do grab an account with Mapsimise HERE

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