It is not just about the PIN, but the analysis of all your data by Location✔

You might be thinking oh another map, another solution that puts pins on a map, but it’s not just about pins, our focus is helping you understand your data by location, sure there are pins, but you can do so much more.

In this blog demo we are considering how you can use the charting features of to understand all your customer, sales, and marketing data.

Analyse all the data you have, then build geospatial charts (i.e., one that move with the map) and see what activity is happening where.

We all know the importance of What, When and Where when it comes to sales, marketing, customer acquisition, lead generation and service and operation.  At a glace you can see where your customers are, where your sales opportunities are and where your leads are coming from.

And the charts yes if you have watched the short demo above, you’ll see it is easy to use and effective when looking at data as a volume.

So, are you the type of business that needs to understand what is happening where, do you need to trend what is happening and when, do you have multiple outlets or multiple sales territories, if so then this might be for you, but one thing team mapsimise is an advocate of is helping you get more from the data you already have.

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