It is just getting Better and Better,

Why, well we have some great new features and things to show you, which can help you understand your business data, you can even connect to your CRM, so why not “Take the Tour”, and understand your data by location

Yes, it might have taken a while, but great things come with a little patience, and this one is huge, as a software release.

We took all the feedback, came up with a plan and built out the platform requests that have been made by our customers and business users alike. Yes, we listened and learned about what you wanted and took the opportunity to deliver what you needed in this release.

So, what is NEW in RELEASE V4

1.       A new improved UI and user experience to work with your data

2.       A new database structure is data management and editing tools

3.       A new way to use heat maps with multiple layers of data

4.       A new way to cluster your data by location and gain a geospatial view

5.       New and improved ways of using KML files with your data

6.       New coloured filters to help identify areas on a map

7.       New Filter totals to see what data exists where

8.       New User management

9.       New Billing platform

10.   New Information panels

11.   New connectors, in-app purchase of extensions and resource along with management tools.

Plus, lots more when it comes to views and building Maps.  We know we are not a fully fledge GIS system and that is not the plan, but we are an amazing Location Intelligence platform that helps business users, and your teams work with, understand and filter your day-to-day activity and business data.

With Mapsimise you can load or connect your data, map you customers, sales activity, build sales territory, plan routes, and create public maps for your website…. But there is so much more.

So, if you still have an account then grab one here, if you need to chat then book a slot here

Hope you like the new release 👍

And finally, as part of our V4 release we have also updated our YouTube experience and channel and have a number of “How To” with Mapsimise sharing the experience in short videos, if you would like to see more then you can watch and subscribe here