There are many different types of organisations and we all work in slightly different ways to achieve our own independent results.  Working in the charity or Not-For-Profit sector your organisation may well have associated friends, supporters and volunteers that carry out a number of tasks and activities.

So today let’s look at some of the pain points we can help you resolve through location intelligence and using your data in more efficient ways.

Your supporters may be in many locations, not just nationally or regionally but internationally. Having the opportunity to view everyone in a single screen by location will help you understand you supporter demographic by country.  So what, you might ask!? Well the next step is managing that data or using the information to plan engagement like events.  Imagine organising a fundraising event, having the demographic data enables you to quickly find locations where you have clusters of supporters.  If your marketing to these same companies or individuals, you can very easily build those lists by location and use regional or geographical news and information to increase the value of your message.

Is that it you might be thinking!? Not at all, because geospatial and maps are not just about plotting data about individuals or companies. You can also add additional data which may be open source that relates to the prosperity of a country or a region. This could include weather outcomes like flooding or other factors that might be relevant like population density or average income.

Geospatial tools like Mapsimise are not just about presentation of maps, but foremost about the data and building relationship between different data-sets.  The different data-set can then help you make decisions and plan accordingly to help you to become more efficient, reducing cost and working with people by known location.

So how else can Mapsimise help your organisation? Well apart from marketing by region and understanding your data by location, there are features like travel planning and scheduling appointments.  If you are visiting your supporters or those that give charitable donations, then Mapsimise is going to help you plan that route, making best use of your time and helping you or your team member be more efficient.

You may also have supporters that work in given locations delivering leaflets or engaging with individuals directly.  With Mapsimise you can drill into street level and plan walking routes based on demographic data for an area.

You can find out more about Mapsimise with NFP (Not-for-Profit) here

And finally, and yes there is a finally, Mapsimise not only helps you work with the data you have but can also help you further analyse building relationships and additional information using location intelligence.

How to get started with Mapsimise

If you are ready to get started, it's so easy! Start visualising your data on one or more maps by signing up to your own Mapsimise account and get started. Follow the steps below:

1.Firstly, visit our website

2.Click Get Started

3.Select the package that suites your organisation

4.Fill in the registration form

5.Validate and log in to your Mapsimise account (by email)

6.Add your billing information and select the connectors or upgrade from your Go Package

If you get stuck, you can sign into the Help Desk and raise a ticket with Mapsimise Support OR click here.

We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.