This week we are sharing some great tips and tricks to help you identify and analyse your sales, opportunities, and revenue data by its location.

Helping you get more from your SALES and CUSTOMER DATA with Mapsimise

You can easily do this with Mapsimise, making use of not only KML features to create boundaries, but with filters and charting to identify different data values.

Sales data is key to your business’s profitability and understanding those regions that bring more value or that perform better could help you focus on marketing and sales activity, so why not map it to find the real value.

We want to explain the benefit of reviewing your data by its location for your different sales teams and for different types of data.

You may already have a CRM, or some well structured spreadsheets, and although these might be great for tracking relationships and engagement, they are not showing key metrics to where your sales activity is most productive. With Mapsimise you can even heat map regions with different datasets to show either sales or a more granular view of product type sold in the region.

In fact, you could create a whole range of maps and charts to see individual sales activity, product sales and current open quotes.

Mapsimise helps you look and use your data in a new way. It helps you not only understand it by region, location or country, but very quickly shows you how records relate to each other, showing which customers in an area bought what product or service or how customers are located near each other or to a given landmark or location.

Being able to visualise your data on a map enables your teams to focus on targeting and using the right introduction based on local information. Seeing your data in this way enables to you research or find local information or news from a given location.

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