In this week’s Tip and Tricks, we take a look at the chart features in Mapsimise and give some more details on how to achieve geo charts by location. Mapsimise currently supports two main charting types: Pie Charts and Line Charts.

Like everything in Mapsimise, we base all the results on what is visual on the main map window, so if you can see it on the map, the data is reflected in the charts and the grids.

This helps you understand your data easily from a single view. As you move or zoom around the map, the charts and grids change giving you instant updates of data that is relevant to the map view.

How to Create Charts

Like everything in Mapsimise we have tried to minimise the fuss and make things as easy as possible to use. Simply select the 'Create Chart' option from the tool bar menu (below).

The chart configuration window will appear on screen [below] and here you can chart any of the values from fields that appear in the grid view.  From the configuration, apply a name for the chart. Then, select if it is to be a Pie or Line chart and finally customise with your choice of colours. The values, like all configuration in Mapsimise, can be easily selected and dragged into place on the right-hand side, giving X and Y axis.

The chart will appear after clicking Ok. To keep the chart with the maps remember to save the map view or create a new view under the save options.

And that is it! That’s all you need to have effective geo maps integrated with your data from the map window.

Next week we will be looking at using multiple layers and proximity, but if you have any questions please just get in contact.

If you would like to find out more about Mapsimise, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase. If you missed any of our previous Tips and Tricks, you can also find them on our blog.

Please contact us or book an online meeting if you would like any support. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

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