Definition: Location Intelligence is the process of deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve a problem.

Gain Insight

Data is essential to modern day business and analysing that data effectively determines whether you win or lose. Collating different sets of data, whether that be customers, competitors, store locations and so on, can help you visualise geographically how they can all link together. A few examples could be, how close a customer is to their nearest store, or how much footfall you could potentially get from an event being located somewhere in particular, or deciding where to open a new store and how it would correlate with the amount of footfall you might receive.

Plan your event location smarter!

Use Location Intelligence to enhance your marketing tactics. Use it to make smarter decisions on where you plan to hold your events. You might think the best place would be London, but where are your customers? Use location intelligence to pinpoint the best location that would best suit those you are targeting. You may think this is common sense, but even the smallest inconvenience can put off customers. Why make your customers get from one side of a city to the other in rush hour?  Get more bang for your buck and use a location intelligence tool to make smarter decisions.

Target the right people

Location Intelligence can significantly enhance those you target for your marketing purposes. Visualising your stakeholders or customers on a map can allow you to whittle down your sender list to those who really matter. In our previous blog we mentioned the importance of personalisation and the impact not doing this can have when it comes to communicating with those who are important for your business. Location Intelligence can make personalisation achievable by targeting specific data sets and picking these by refining those who may find it of most interest.

Knowing what a customer buys and how much of it can also influence the content you share with them. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and achieve more success than blanket emailing.

Everything in one place

Save on subscriptions and ensure your customers, sales, stores, marketing data and other stakeholders are all kept in one place. Anything with an address can be geocoded and anything that can be geocoded can be used within location intelligence.

Location Intelligence platforms make it easier for your team too, allowing them to all be on the same page about what occurs in the business by having all your data in one place.

Keep up with all your outlets

Besides being able to visualise all your outlets there’s more! Location Intelligence helps you to keep up with all things about each particular outlet, like how much footfall it gets, the revenue each makes and so on! With all the data now at our fingertips, location intelligence helps you to make informed decisions about your outlets and future ones to come.

Location Intelligence not only allows you to keep up with your current outlets, but it can also significantly help with deciding where to open another. By analysing data around, you, you can forecast future footfall by how populated the area is around the potential location, and whether it’ll be the best place to open another.

Improve productivity among your team

Human brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text, so why make your staff look at boring data when it can be so much more fun!

Location intelligence gives valuable insights into business processes, so you could be finding something isn’t working as well as it could, or that something is costing too much. This enables you to give the power to your staff to make intuitive decisions to help the success of the business.

Let’s take salespeople as an example. Location Intelligence can improve productivity among your sales team as it enables them to plan their days efficiently, noting where their customers are and the distance there is between potential customers. Teams can plan their routes efficiently and even search for prospects within the same location that they may have not planned for beforehand.

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