How Does Location help with Marketing?

It is a great question; surely you would just want to splatter gun your marketing message all over the web and hope that a pure numbers game worked in lead generation.

Surely if you send 30,000 emails regularly then someone is going to buy something, or at some point get in touch.

The old saying chuck enough MUD and some of it will stick, well if you keep throwing it, surely the numbers will grow.

Ok there is a real problem with this mind set, and most working in marketing know that this approach is no longer going to work, especially for a new product or new business.

Change in marketing has happened and continues to happen. Firstly, most tech and service businesses are providing services outside their local area.  Our reach for potential customers has grown significantly over the past decade and therefore data used in marketing has changed.

Location intelligence with Mapsimise enables your business to understand where your sales are happening and where your customers are, by using a digital map.  Filters can be created to help build defined lists by location.

Connecting your different sets of data to understand customer engagement and potential opportunity enables your marketing teams to focus on the hot spots, increasing revenue and growth.

Then there is social media, the up coming generations in business now get influenced in a new and exciting way, and as a marketeer you need to know where prospects are and how to reach them.

Therefore, Mathematics with the data you generate through marketing now plays a much bigger role in marketing activity.

With 80% of data having a location element, using that location element to understand where and why customers buy helps get a better result from the activity undertaken.

With a great mapping solution like Mapsimise you can visualise your data, like the example below.

Supporting multiple systems like CRM including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and SugarCRM along with KML and direct uploads from CSV, you, as part of a marketing team can get a visual of your potential customers and prospects, finding the type of businesses you want to work with by location.

Mapping related data to help service those customers can also be achieved easily, helping to enhance customer engagement, drop and delivery time, making your overall process more efficient by using the data you already have.

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