Buckle up! We're going to jump straight into another helpful guide on working with grids and layers.

After working with a number of customers this week, we thought we’d have a quick refresh on grids and layers as each layer has its own configurable data grid that you can work with on each of your maps, so multiple data layers means multiple grids and filters.

You will see from the image above that no grids are active.  A grid is only active when you click on the layer to the left and give it focus. You can switch the focus on and off for each layer, or have no layers active but still show the data from the layer on the map.

How to configure grids:

Each of the data layers has a grid and each can be configured to show relevant data to do this. Select the 3-line menu option on the layer (sometimes referred to as the burger button).

Then, select the edit function from the menu. This will enable the edit screen to load and from here you can edit the grid.

When the following screen loads, select the second tab 'Data Fields' at the top. Then, from the 'Display Fields' menu select the 'Grid' tab.

You can then drag and drop fields from the left to the right to set up the grid for this layer. You're able to order and move the fields around so that the display in the grid is in the right order. Grids also come with a number of functions that can be used with the data that is displayed.

If the data is coming from a connected data source like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can add the data back to a list. If you have MailChimp or DotDigital connected you can build marketing lists with the data selected.

If you would like to find out more about Mapsimise, we have an active blog site and knowledgebase. If you missed any of our previous Tips and Tricks, you can also find them on our blog.

Please contact us or book an online meeting if you would like any support. We can take you through the steps to changing the way you view your data!

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