Today I wanted to look at how a solution like Mapsimise can be tailored and setup for a business type.  In this blog the scenario will be how a growing security company can use different data geographically to enhance business activity.

Every business has many different sets of data including customer data and can use other data sets to build additional relationships around activity.

As a security business owner that focuses on installs and the provision of alarms, door entry and CCTV location equipment, information about a given location might be important to you and your customers.

Being able to visualise sites for install and build a map of CCTV cameras might help when incidents occur. Tracking alarm responses by location and time might help identify other activity in the area - all this extra information can help increase your service offering.

Having the ability to quickly look at a map and help customers or even police with local data about where active CCTV might be installed, and what related alarms or incidents might have been logged may bring additional value to your customers.

There are also other data sources that can be used to enhance the data you hold and one of those is recorded crime data by region.  You probably already know that you can view related crimes over a given month via the UK police database, but one of the great advantages of Mapsimise is that you can easily load multiple months of historic data and see by colour coded pins the types of activity that has taken place.

In the demonstration below we show how Mapsimise works with crime data.

Businesses of any type rely on the data they hold - data drives your business but being able to increase activity by working with data to build better relationships by location is not something every business owner does.

If you are looking to manage your installs by team, then Mapsimise can help you schedule jobs, auto route and plan daily activity for your install team.  Likewise, if you have regular maintenance jobs you can either connect your CRM or load the list of jobs which need to be done. This will help you cluster jobs by location, reducing drive time and distance travelled.  It is simple actions like these that create efficiency in your business and means that your teams can get more done in less time.

As mentioned previously, you can also add additional data to a map like charge points for electric vehicles if you are running electric vans, or if your team members are covering large areas you can include stop points and hotels as part of a route.

Information can enhance the journey, but it can also enhance the overall analytics for your business and help you and your teams make better decisions.

How to get started with Mapsimise

If you are ready to get started, it's so easy! Start visualising your data on one or more maps by signing up to your own Mapsimise account and get started. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit our website
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select the package that suites your organisation
  4. Fill in the registration form
  5. Validate and log in to your Mapsimise account (by email)
  6. Add your billing information and select the connectors or upgrade from your Go Package

If you get stuck, you can sign into the Help Desk and raise a ticket with Mapsimise Support OR click here.

We look forward to working with you and helping you visualise your data, gaining location intelligence.