It has been a great week a Mapsimise HQ, and we hope yours has been the same. This week we have seen a record number of customers signing up to Mapsimise and if you are new here, welcome to Tips and Tricks, our weekly update for everything Mapsimise.

A lot of this week’s research has been looking at getting the best from online advertising and how your marketing teams can benefit from Mapsimise when analysing online spend with the likes of Facebook and Google Ads.

Like we always say, everything happens somewhere and being able to understand engagement by location from the ads you run helps your teams to focus on where the best locations are for ad spend.

So, in the pipeline will be several new connectors to help you do this… watch this space.

Using Online Ads: New Programme

If you do invest in online ads and you would like to be a part of our beta program helping you to understand this type of marketing data by location, then please do let us know.

However, the Marketing features of Mapsimise do not stop here, as you know, you can already export this type of data.  Our popular CRM connectors enable you to use maps to build marketing lists in both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, using multiple selections by area.

Our connectors for DotDigital and Mailchimp also enable you and your teams to actively filter data ready to be sent to these services for email or outbound marketing.

If you would like to see how we have a video here.

Mapsimise is all about helping you get more from the data you already have and if you want to give us feedback of what you would like to see in both features and connectors, we are always keen to hear from you.

As always if you are new this week and you would like to test drive more features then please request a 30-day trial code that works for users and connectors, meaning you can try the solution in full capability.

Version 4 of Mapsimise is fast approaching with some great features and we are looking at adding advert integration to analyse marketing spend by location, but today we wanted to share a reminder about building marketing lists.

Building Lists with Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce 👇

Customers in all businesses including yours are a huge asset and keeping in touch and building marketing lists from your CRM by location can be a challenge (unless you know every zip code and postcode for an area).  With Mapsimise we have integrated list building by drawing on a map.

Finding the right customers to communicate with by a given location can be done easily and quickly by just drawing on the map and then passing back to your CRM systems.

If you would like a demonstration, please do book a slot.

We hope you have a great experience with Mapsimise!