Here at Mapsimise, we have never positioned ourselves as wanting to just sell numbers or licences.

We have always taken the approach to grow and help our customers solve problems with the solutions that we have created.  If we cannot help or cannot meet a requirement then YES, we will tell you.  An honest working relationship adds more value, long term.

So why is this all important? We care about what we do and the approach we take. Today, we can announce that we have been selected and approved for G-Cloud 12, yes that means Mapsimise is listed as a G-Cloud Supplier.

This is big news! We believe this because we are not just a consulting or service provider listing day rate service. Mapsimise is a subscription-based platform that helps deliver data analysis with GIS capability, quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

So why not just buy some GIS or Map licences and develop a solution in house, we hear you ask? Well, the consumption of GEO and data analysis is a rapidly growing marketplace and even UK government have set up a new commission in the last few years to make more data available to both public and private sector. You can see our blog post here

Since the launch of Mapsimise we have been helping large and small customers with data visualisation and helping those customers, regardless of size, benefit from mapping and filtering, along with understanding their data in a new and easy way.

With the recognition and accreditation of being listed with Mapsimise on the Digital Marketplace we are pleased that we can help even more potential customers and departments with the understanding of data by location and by region.

But why would government departments and the public sectors along with suppliers need to analyse data in this way? Good question!

For sure we all rely on data more and more to understand regional impacts of things like Covid19 or transport, population, active jobs in the community or even crime. With Mapsimise, this data can be quickly loaded, positioned, and analysed. There is no implementation project, no consulting time and it is very easy to quickly make use of GEO based information; some customers are up and running in a few hours!

What is more, Mapsimise has connectors to popular CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce already widely using within departments. So now data does not have to be formatted, just connected with your current CRM.

We made it easy to get started with our free account at

We look forward to working and supplying a number of new customers under this new framework, and if you have any questions please just let us know.