The Mapsimise team are working with Keitaro and Nosy Design on a Code For Ethics project to collect vital data for the NHS. We want to help the NHS understand how many people in their area are self-isolating or on lock down and what their symptoms are, enabling them to prepare for the likely number of patients needing their services.

Mapsimise will be contributing to this by providing our platform to visualise the quantity of those who are self-isolating with symptoms on a google map, helping NHS executives, senior managers, local councils and the government to understand the scale of those needing help and the potential strain it will put on their services.

So far, data being shared is that of those who currently have been tested for covid-19, those who have died and those who have recovered. The number of those in self-isolation and tackling the virus in their own homes is not yet available. This is why we feel it is important to actively help to support our NHS.

So how does this work?

We’re asking those who have had or have symptoms of Covid-19 to complete the 30 second form. It’s totally anonymous and will help us produce the necessary data to save lives!

With help from the public and their responses, we hope that with this project we can play a part in the pro-active response to help authorities.

To fill in the form, please click on the link

And see Mat from Nosy Design explain more