Has that ever happened to you as a candidate, it has me, and I know recruitment is a difficult job and there is a race to place the best candidates with the right skills in the right role?

But Roles and candidates have a location, imagine if you could see all the available candidates filter by recorded skills and then place them and see the ones available within a given radius say 20 miles.

Well, you can, and this is down to the power of Location Intelligence and Geospatial.  There is much talk of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Location of things (LoT) but when working with people the last thing you want to do is find the perfect candidate, spend time, and then realise that they are to far outside the catchment area of interest.

Sure, some people will relocate but not many, and finding the right candidate in the right are just got a whole lot easier.

All recruitment businesses have lots of data, about companies, candidates, and job roles as you can see from the about walkthrough how quickly data can be filtered by location, which in turn save you some time finding candidates.

We have currently built CRM connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar and are looking to add Bullhorn tot eh mix so that you can quickly and easily map your data from your live systems.

We all know that in our ever-changing world, gaining the upper hand, comes from efficiency and productivity through process and technology, using location tools to help you understand your data makes a lot of sense as it helps you not only understand the data you are working with but find the right people with the rights skill and more importantly in the right location.

As you can see Mapsimise is not just about recruitment, it is about helps many different types of organisations understand data, to help visualise and see data by location.

In our example above we have focused on roles, candidate, and companies you may be working with, but we also understand that you may want to map other data or information.  80% of the data you hold has a location element which means can be visualise by location.

You might ask yourself why everyone is not doing this already, well the truth is using geospatial tools with business data is quite a new thing, previously a lot of mapping solutions were bespoke and really expensive to implement, but now with SaaS and cloud computing the team behind Mapsimise has been able to bring business systems and geospatial together.

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