We are fast approaching the release of version 4 of Mapsimise with additional features to help you get more from your data and use Mapsimise as a productive business solution for understanding data by location.

What are the new features?

Most of the challenges have been overcome and the long-awaited features include:

  • Mapsimise Data Table editing
  • Move that pin
  • Filter colour coding
  • Enhanced KML
  • KML colour picker
  • Filters by layer
  • New cleaner user interface
  • Advanced connectors

and more

We will also be working on a new version of the website and blog to offer more resources to our growing community. We always welcome feedback and you may have noticed that our website has been updated recently. Do let us know what you think of the Mapsimise Website.

We know video tutorials are important and over the coming weeks more will be made available via our YouTube channel to help you get the best from Mapsimise, and we would encourage you to subscribe. Again we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you would like to see.

Why should I use Mapsimise?

If you’re new to Mapsimise and you have just signed up then thank you. As always, we are here to help, so if you have any questions just let us know. As a platform we are here to help you gain Location Intelligence with your business data, to help you understand your data by location and make better use of the data and systems you have already invested in.

Get a FREE trial of a connector

Remember if you would like to trial or test one of the popular connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM then just contact us and once you've created a subscription with billing information, we can give you up to 60 days free to test your data live from your system, with no fees to pay, meaning you can build maps and understand your data first-hand.

Helping us help you with Referrals

We are happy to work with anyone that would like to work with us and have a number of options for resale and referral, just contact to find out more. Mapsimise has been design and priced to help any business of any size that has data that needs to be understood by location, and vertical solutions being worked on all the time so if there was a feature or a data feed you would like to see that would help you or one of your customers then just let us know.