Getting more from what you have….Data that is

We all say it, we all try and do it, we give it names like efficiency, streamlining and productivity enhancement, you might even call it workflow.

But do we always do it well, do we always get the perfect system in place.  The easy answer is NO because we are humans not machines and we adapt and change our mood and thoughts regularly.

As humans we understand pictures and representation of data graphically more than we do lists of raw data.

Basically, a picture paints 1000 words and makes a lot more sense, and from the visualisation you create with your data, decisions can be made, as the data is interpreted for Sales, Marketing and Service functions graphically in your business.

One of the focal points of is to provide a solution in your business so that your teams can understand what is happening Where.

But is it easy or it is hard to do this, well in this blog demo we wanted to share just how easy it is to create a new map with Mapsimise?

In the video demo below we show how to create a new map from the data you have uploaded.

Below are several additional video links how to use the Mapsimise features.

See how to upload data HERE

See how to connect to a Systems HERE

If you would like a one to one demonstration then please do book a slot in our diary HERE

As always thank you for reading and we hope these explainer videos help you get the best from Mapsimise.